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About - CREAVERS Service PLC


Who Are We?

CREAVERS Service P.L.C has been founded in June 2015 as an investment company in Ethiopia. It is born of the desire of its founders to bring, within the Ethiopian market, the very best in latest technologies in the area of design and development of computer software, but not readily available in Ethiopia.

A Digital Agency

A company that provides creative, strategic and technical development of screen-based products and services.

Forward Thinkers

A creative and well-organized company that thinks and plans for the future.

Problem Solvers

A company who focuses on existing problem and tries to synthesize knowledge to achieve a solution.

Customer Support

Organized with a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product or a service.

Message Of The C.E.O

The 21st century witnesses Africa as the only remaining last frontier, in the world, for almost, untouched resources. Focus in Africa of developed countries, and their interest for large scale investments of multinational companies is growing, in this continent full of potentials and high-value resources. Furthermore, continental organization such as the African Union (AU) or the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), play a pivotal and complementary role in bringing more and more closer African countries together in several development priority fields, through greater intra African countries trade, greater economic cooperation and integration. Africa is indeed steadily moving towards effective economic development, with more value added inputs in several sectors, and increased growth rate in a much higher number of countries when compared to the last two decades. Ethiopia is a striking example of being the only country in Africa who has been able to set its path on the track of steady economic development, with the record-breaking double – digit growth rate of 10%, surpassing the growth rate of a great number of highly developed countries in the world. This is the reason why Ethiopia is currently experiencing the fast-coming of an increasing number of large-scale investors, keen in investing in Ethiopia in various priority fields.

Indeed Ethiopia has embarked itself into major investments in key priority sectors of its development. However, nowadays, we witness the rapidly growing sector of Information Technology and its related areas such as development of software for public and private organizations, as the main cross-cutting sector in all development areas. No one can kick start a business venture without referring or using Information Technology and software systems. This is the driving force behind greater efficiency, faster income-generation, and high-speed productivity and economic growth. I am therefore pleased to note that Software Engineering and development is amongst the priority sector of development in Ethiopia.

CREAVERS Service PLC an investment company in Software Design, Development, Implementation and Training providing high-tech services in related relevant fields has been created and established in Ethiopia in the year 2015, for the sole purpose of giving hands to Ethiopia’s development effort in this sector. We are here for you.

CREAVERS brings with it highly-skilled expertise, several years of experience and know-how on latest generation of software systems, as well as highly trained specialists from various part of the world. The latest generation of Software design, development and implementation, web applications, coupled with our advanced tailor-made trainings and tutorials, available for both governments’ entities, local and non-governmental organizations, private corporations, and academies, are the strength of CREAVERS.

We are indeed proud to bring, at this time of Ethiopia’s large-scale investment programs, our intellectual, technical, and highly-experienced capability, in order for Ethiopia to achieve the objectives set for the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) by the year 2020 and beyond, as recommended by the United Nations. Ethiopia is indeed in the right track.

We are proud to be in Ethiopia to provide our long-acquired expertise for the construction of a strong, competitive and sustainable Ethiopia in Africa in general, and in the world in particular.

Hence, for all your internal management concerns and questions, your organization, company, institution should trust CREAVERS to ease your burden with customized diagnostic and assessment, as well as long-lasting and reliable Software systems, coupled with tailor-made trainings in information and communication technologies.

I invite you to visit our Head office situated in the Abyssinia Building, near the Edna Mall area, neighboring the Bole MedhaneAlem church. I look forward to welcoming you, and assisting your Organization, your Company, your Institution, your University, or your Medical Facilities, in being stronger, more efficient, more competitive, more profitable, and overall, contributing to a greater Ethiopia in the nearest future.


Being CREAtive achieVERS to strengthen our position as the African Company leader in the conception, design, and operation of user-friendly software systems of latest generation, for use by government, public, and private enterprises.


Exceed client expectations by going beyond reliable software solutions, and delivering tailor-made products that would swiftly solve problems, and maximize customers’ own benefits, while adhering to fair and ethical values and practices.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • QUALITY of products

How CREAVERS Service Add Values To Your Business?

You have great interest in:

  • Reducing the turnover of your experienced staff and experts.
  • Ensuring timely production and delivery of quality products to your customers to increase profits.
  • Streamlining part or the entire business processes of your company and increase savings.

CREAVERS Service, through its long-years of experience focuses all its competence and know-how on quality and time. High caliber engineers ensure Quality while CREAVERS Service Senior Management ensures timely delivery of products and services, at all time. This is the Raison d’être of CREAVERS. Ultimately, our customers will increase their satisfaction towards both our capabilities and competence, as their revenues and profit steadily grow over the month. We do not divert from this commitment.

What Is The CREAVERS Service's Difference As Compared To Other Companies?

We strive to ensure that the NEXUS ” QUALITY-INNOVATION-TIMING ” is adhered to, for all projects, with great importance devoted to strict adherence to time delivery. Indeed time is a great worry of clients, and the main cause of loss of profits for companies and organizations.

Hence our technical staff has received a revolutionary time-training specific to CREAVERS Service, so as to ensure timely delivery of products, no matters unexpected situations. This is our unflinching commitment to our customers.

CREAVERS' Unmatched Comparative Advantage

CREAVERS Service, through years of recurrence survey has discovered that customers unanimously are looking for reliable companies when it comes to abiding by the agreed time delivery of software products irrespective of contingencies or unexpected situation. This indeed is creating not only stress and frustration to customers, but more importantly generate reduction of revenues and dwindling profits.

Committing to time delivery and combining the Nexus Quality – High tech – Time, is the mark of fabric of CREAVERS. In order to abide by the sustained agreed time of delivery, CREAVERS has developed its own Time Management System to ensure that the whole spectrum of the business processes is quantified and assessed with the most realistic timeframe needed to accomplish a particular task. Furthermore, CREAVERS has put in place an original internal structure, both managerial and monitoring, to ensure checks and balances at all stages of software design process. This is our Niche, our oath to our customers, and our pride, as we strive to maintain a long-term partnership with our customers.

To arrive at the above commitment, we follow stringent Business Processes and BP know-how, as mentioned below, as well as in the figure here below:

Management approach has the following advantages:

  • Conception, quantification and analysis
  • Library Information Management system
  • Process – Level Information
  • Simulation and Tested Modeling
  • Special Process Monitoring (CREAVERS’ Mark of Excellence)
  • High-Tech process control
  • Synthesis
  • Logical and Anti-Bugs verification
  • Special Dynamic Timing Assessment
  • Timing Budgeting alternatives
  • Physical testing (Level testing, Integrated testing, Acceptance testing)
  • One day final simulation and re-testing
  • Maintenance and feedbacks

 +251 116674162/ 92  contact@creavers.com  Abyssinia Bldg, 3rd floor, near BOLE MedhaneAlem Church

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