Being CREAtive achieVERS to strengthen our position as the African Company Leader in the conception, design, and operation of user friendly software systems of latest generation, for use by government, public, and private enterprises.


Exceed client expectations by going beyond reliable software solutions, and delivering tailor made products that would swiftly solved problems, and maximize customers' own benefits, while adhering to fair and ethical values and practices.


QUALITY of products
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Custom Software Development

We provide a suitable and easy LMS and SMS (School management System) platform for elementary schools , high schools, universities and for any training institutions.

Hospital management system (HMS) is also one of our tailor made product suitable for all health institutions.
We believe in helping others design better products faster.
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Software Outsourcing & IT Subcontracting

Outsourcing software development has proven to be a great success for many companies worldwide.

It will reduce your internal costs while allowing your company to focus on its core competencies. Outsourcing is now a common practice in nearly every industry. outsourcing is faster and more cost-effective than in-house development.

Website Development

CREAVERS other great flagship product is on its Website development area. Indeed we design, develop, maintain, and troubleshoot highly secured Websites, from basic to advanced and multi-featured websites.

Additionally, we provide and host HSSL Websites at competitive price which will give you the peace of mind against malwares, bugs, viruses, and potential hackers.

A High-Tech
Software Company

Are you concerned about more reliable & efficient business processes, better control, as well as higher revenues for your Company/Organization?

CREAVERS Service P.L.C. is your answer to your worries. With our Top-Notch Office and related facilities, we provide unmatched software systems as well as advanced projects’ related software training, in several areas of your activities, so as to ensure your Organization’s strength, steady growth, and greater credibility. BE WISE, THINK CREAVERS !

Simple Solutions for
Complex Challenges

Mobile App
we design and develop mobile applications that can run on any mobile devices
Web Hosting
we offers the facilities required for you to create and maintain a site and makes it accessible on the World Wide Web
Full Fledged Systems
We will deliver a High quality and with the most advanced available functionality of full fledged system.
Web App
we can deliver an application that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface
Help and Support
Our Customer support teams provide technical assistance with any products you are interested in.
we can train Your Employees on your customized systems and ERPs that will make them more productive
we are here for you with a team of high-caliber professional consultants, with long-years of expertise, so as to give you able expert advice within a particular field
Data Analysis
we can inspect, clean, transform, and model your data with the goal of discovering useful information for your company

We CREAte, for we are achieVERS of the impossible.
Hence we are CREAVERS

We do care for your worries, and, unlike other software companies, we do not offer routine on-the-shelves software, or deja vu mobile apps. Rather, we create your own software systemunder your own control. 

Our Quality – Knowledge – Innovation is our mark of fabric, with which we will create your own DNA, which cannot be replicated anywhere else. Your credibility is our concern.

Gotta love Creavers

Competently parallel task fully researched data and enterprise process improvements.

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Getting better all the time

Assertively iterate resource maximizing products after leading-edge intellectual capital software developments.

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The features are the best!

Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.

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The best team out there

Seamlessly empower fully researched growth strategies and interoperable internal or organic sources.

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Online Store Management web , iOS , Android
Product Development
Security & software updates
Website Hosting
Online Promotion
Search engine optimization
Payment processing web , iOS , Android

Unfailing Commitment to
Time of Delivery

We are fully conscious that late product delivery, accumulation of unexpected situations will jeopardize Customers’ overall results, revenues and profit, as well as generating stress and frustration. Time is money. Hence CREAVERS has developed, over the years, its own unique mechanism to ensure unfailing delivery of our products, in a timely manner, despite unforeseen  contingencies. This is our unflinching Oath to you. We deliver on what we say.

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Special Software for hospitals, clinics, health centers, and health related companies and organizations.

CREAVERS have developed a seamless and highly secured Software for the medical sectors as witnessed by the attractive Website we designed for the well known HAYAT HOSPITAL. Please check its outlook through the following link:

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Hotels & Tourism

Hotels, travel agencies, resorts, conference centers, and related tourism companies, with special software's and mobile apps.

-High-quality photography.

-A brief summary of the area, with highlights of important places.

-Hotel recommendations with web links to hotel and booking sites.

-Information about recreation and outdoor activities.

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Educational Sectors

Our major sector is in Educational Sector and we provide a variety rang of LMS and SMS system.

This platform is suitable for elementary schools, high schools, universities and for any training institutions. It allows video based contents, live tutorials, online testings.Our company CREAVERS service plc provides this system to help Ethiopian students.

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