CREAVERS team is composed of highly and long experienced Senior software engineers, developers, designers, and quality control testers, along with top-scored administrative and financial staff, whose credentials and high degrees have been acquired both with in Ethiopia, as well as in other continents such as the USA, Asia, and Western Europe. As an international company investing in Ethiopia, we have the best, we provide the best, and we deliver the best.

Simple Solutions for
Complex Challenges

Timely Support
The Engineers at CREAVERS, are well-equipped with the knowledge acquired from recent technologies and are known for meeting your deadline.
Innovative Ideas
The application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs are some of the characters of the Engineers.
Advanced Technology
We are known for using the latest technologies and tools to build a software system that solves your problems.
Clear Communication
Effective communication by business managers that facilitates information sharing between employees and can substantially contribute to its commercial success.

The Executive

Mr. Gerard Hounkponou

Founder/ GM

Milca Hounkponou

Executive Board Member, Deputy GM

Mr. Jemal Mussa

Admin & Finance Manager

Focus First

Hence CREAVERS Service P.L.C’s final satisfaction is the eradication of its customers’ wordiness for the smooth running of their inertial processes.

The information contained in our company’s profile provides you with a holistic overview of what we are good at and how we produce and implement it, in order to be of value to your business or organization. The following services we provide, amongst others, are as below.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Project design and management
  • Diagnostics and advisory for tailor- made solutions
  • System structure and design
  • Sectional and Integrated software development
  • Coding development and monitoring
  • Full-fledged Turnkey tailor-made systems
  • IT backup and maintenance
  • Quality assurance
  • Testing and counter-checking
  • Training services
  • Special software for education, medical, tourism, and agricultural sectors.

Advisory Team

CREAVERS Service P.L.C has built, over the years, one of the strongest and high-caliber team of technical advisers, software engineers, and project design and implementation specialists, who are at the cutting-edge of software solutions. They are systematically called upon to provide their highly-experienced know-how, for any projects given by CREAVERS’ customers. Hence, we deliver the highest in quality standard and techniques.

Ato Tewodros Mitiku

Proactively envisioned multimedia expertise.


Utilizing enterprise via 24/7 markets.