Hospital Management System

HMS includes registration of
patients, sorting their details into the system, and also computerized billing. The software has the facility to give a search facility for every patients and the staff automatically. It include the search facility to know the current status of each room. User can search about the doctor whether they are available or not and the details of a patient. The hospital management system can be entered using a username and password. It is accessible either by an administrator or receptionist. Only they can add data into the database. The data can be retrieved easily. The interface is very user friendly. The data is well protected for personal use and fast data processing. Hospital Management System is designed for multispecialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration processes.

Learning Management System

LMS is a web-based platform that supports the digital distribution and analysis of learning and training experiences.
include this feature
Build customized learning environments
Develop, administer and distribute eLearning content with ease
Track and assess learner progress and knowledge gaps
Support instructor-led training with classroom and webinar management tools Generate reports on learner progress and user behavior Streamline the training process Deliver training in an engaging and exciting manner

Student Management System

Schools are the cradle of knowledge and the fountain that feeds students. It's mandatory to have the best in place for it to function the way it should and pass across relevant information to students. For it to function accordingly, a proper management system is one of the basic but significant things that should be in place. And thanks to the ever advancing technology, a management software being referred to as student management system is in place to make things easier.