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Our Services

Custom Softwares

Developing tailor-made solutions for companies.

Mobile Applications

Developing apps for mobiles that ease the pressure of management and analysis. Also, special apps for disabled are in our portfolio.

Website Designing

Designing using world’s famous tools such as wordpress, joomla and wix, that gives elegant look for your website.

Web Applications

Developing web apps that will be easily accessible from anywhere. This helps ease the pressure of management.

Software Outsourcing & IT Subcontracting

In this rapidly changing world, Outsourcing and subcontracting  on Software Design, Web development and IT services, are highly regarded as the most cost-effective and quality related boosters for companies and organizations to stay Agile, up to date with changing technologies, and keen to keep the pace of growing development and profit. This entails substantial reduction of your recurrent costs, and maximizing your revenues.

CREAVERS Service offers organizations/ companies such as yours the option of increasing rapidly your financial strength, alleviating your IT activities’ workload, bringing a greater leverage into your portfolio of projects and services and, last but not least, providing you with a reliable back-up to your overall IT concerns. Our highly experienced team of experts will understand and study your requirements, business objectives and processes, your expectations and deliver products which will swiftly eradicate your worries, and boost your net profit, in a timely fashion.

Training, Technical Guide & Documentation

Due to the increasing success experienced by its systems and processes, it has become necessary for CREAVERS, through high demand for requests of many of its customers, to design and develop a great number of user reference guidelines and manuals, as well as other technical training materials, which are immediately practical for use by our customers. We therefore put an additional emphasis in our Training expertise for our customers’ documentations use, as well as relevant training.

Equally important is the high-tech advanced training schemes that CREAVERS Service has developed over the years and introduced for the first time in Ethiopia and other African countries. 

What Are Our Special Areas Of Expertise & Specialization?

With its team of highly caliber and long experienced engineers and staff, CREAVERS Service was able, over the years, to design and produce specific software systems and Web apps for use to the following groupings:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Learning Centres
  • Tourism, Hotels  and Travel agencies
  • Blinds and Deafs

    Consultancy Services

    • Government, parastatals, & institutions;
    • Private organizations;
    • Medical faculties;
    • Tourism companies;
    • International organizations;
    • Agricultural sectors;
    • Education & academies.

    Web Portals

    • Governmental organizations;
    • Corporations;
    • International organizations;
    • NGOs & CSOs;
    • Small & medium scale companies;
    • Universities & educational institutes.

    Rates, Billing & Advisory Fees

    Whatever the services rendered to its customers, CREAVERS Service consistently strive to combine quality of services with cost-effectiveness of fees and prices, to the maximum benefit of its clients. Hence our price and fees offer are of two-fold nature.

    Hourly Costs: These costs are tailored to advisory and consultancy fees of short time nature, such as: specific assessment of sectoral nature, R&D projects, minor bug fixing, urgent interventions, as well as other short-term assignment. This particular method will take into consideration for its computation:

    • The level of complication of intervention
    • The experience level of CREAVERS staff needed for such intervention
    • The distance of intervention
    • The length of assignment
    • Discovery of contingencies

    Furthermore, assignments could range from: customers hourly, up till twelve months of intervention, with rates and fees decreasing according to the length of assignment, as well as the complexity nature of the assignment, from low-level and basic testing, to higher level and top-level technical and projects level conception and implementation.

    Fixed costs: this method is specifically used for clear-cut and well-defined projects, large-scale activities, integrated and complex specific interventions. Such interventions are generally effected under Windows environment, and negotiated on a case-by-case basis, project-by-project basis, with an important attention to the level of complexity of the projects. In addition, in order to ensure full adherence to agreed timeframe, irrespective of contingencies, a built-in regressive testing is taken into account at all critical levels of interventions. Billing terms and conditions are specified within the projects’ contract modalities.

    In both methods, payment is reflected as an agreed advance payment percentage, a specific percentage upon completion of a particular module, phase or milestone, a withhold percentage before final delivery, and a final percentage payment upon final delivery.

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