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How we

There are a number of approaches to manage project activities including lean, iterative, incremental and phased approaches. CREAVERS prioritize select approaches such as process based management and agile project Management.

Defining Scope
Upon the submission of the Request, CREAVERS assigns a team to gather and analyze the requirements and create scope documents. The team prepares functional specifications, design, detailed plans for sprints/ iterations and delivery, as well as cost estimates.
The development process starts off with creating Technical Design Documents (TDD), Project Plans and Test Plans. CREAVERS builds a software prototype to simulate the future application and receive feedback from the customer. When all the features are implemented and integrated according to the requirements, the team performs development testing and comes up with a user guide.
In this stage, the solution undergoes a full cycle of testing with bug fixing to ensure that software is running like clockwork.
Project Delivery
Upon the delivery of the project, you receive:

Software product
Technical requirements
User manual
Setup program
Installation and maintenance instructions
Source code